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Jesurun Stockdill

Soul Fire Holistic Therapy
Wim Hof Method Instructor / Sound & Vibrational Therapist
Jesurun is originally from the PNW and has been in the Navy for the past 20 years.  Later in life he discovered his passion for Himalayan Singing Bowl Healing Therapy and he also discovered the 'Cold' through the Wim Hof Method of Cold exposure and a Breathing Technique that allowed him to connect back with his mind and body to relieve stress/anxiety and discomfort in his life.  The Singing Bowls allow you to delve deep into your self through Theta brainwaves and additionally the sounds and vibrations move through the body revitalizing yourself on a cellular level.  The Breath-Work and Cold Exposure of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) allow for a deeper connection into our minds and our very physiology producing an influence on our own chemistry allowing us to move past trauma/anxiety/stress/inflammation to connect our minds and bodies to heal themselves and feeling create more passion in our life.  Creating our own innate ability to be Happy, Healthy and Strong.