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Katherine Dobson

Life Coach & Mindfulness Teacher, Katherine Dobson Life Coaching
Katherine is a certified Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Nursing. She has meditated over 35 years and has a passion for teaching Mindfulness practices that support one to live his/her life fully with purpose, love and contentment.

She is a retired nurse practitioner and psychotherapist and currently has a life-coaching practice. She also offers Mindfulness Workshops and Retreats in homes, places of business, retirement communities, and yoga studios.

What do others have to say about Katherine as a teacher?
“I thought I was supposed to ‘just be’ more. Do less, be more—until I heard Katherine ask in one of her workshops, ‘How can we learn to be and do at the same time?’ She taught me to sit and focus on my breath—observe my thoughts from a distance, let them go gently, and return to the present moment. It is a constant cycle of slowing down to gain perspective, letting go, and returning to the truth of the present. With Katherine’s guidance, I’m starting to believe that life isn’t a choice of ‘be vs. do’. I am learning how it feels to be as I do, which changes everything.”—H. P. Enumclaw